BC PNP - Skilled Worker

BC PNP - Skilled Worker

The growing economy of British Columbia requires skilled workers in high-demand occupations.

The ‘Skilled Worker’ category of the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is a suitable option for workers who are skilled in a professional, managerial, or technical field. Not only this but also trade is another field under the mentioned category for other potential workers.

BCPNP-Skilled Worker program is divided into other five subcategories.  On this page, you can read about each of them that will possibly open the doors of opportunities in your life.

 Skills Immigration:


  • Skilled Worker — This subcategory applies to individuals who have received an eligible job offer in a skilled occupation. Workers are expected to have certain years of experience in their fields.
  • Healthcare Professional — Under this subcategory, individuals with experience and qualifying job offers can apply as physicians, nurses, or allied health professionals. An eligible job offer must be obtained for one of the 11 qualified health careers.
  • International Graduate — This refers to individuals who have graduated from a qualified Canadian university or college in the last three years. A job offer must be received from a BC employer to apply for this subcategory.
  • International Post-Graduate — These concerns graduates with a master's degree or doctoral degree from a qualified educational institution in British Columbia related to the fields of Natural, Applied, or Health Science. This subcategory does not require a job offer.
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker — This subcategory entails entry-level or semi-qualified positions in tourism/hospitality, food processing, or long-distance trucking. Also, those who are residents and workers in the Growth Area of British Columbia and are employed in the entry-level or skilled positions might have potential chances for immigration through this program.

If you are eligible for one of these subcategories, kindly take a look at the following processing steps:

Stage 1: Registration

Stage 2: Invitation

Stage 3: Application

Stage 4: Nomination


Stage 1: Registration

Registration with the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) allows BCPNP to assess your job, location of residence in B.C, education, language proficiency, and wage. Registration is free of charge. All registrants must comply with the minimum program and category requirements.

Stage 2: Invitation

Receive an invitation to apply under the Skills Immigration stream.

Eligible registrants under the Skilled Worker, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled, and International Graduate subcategories will receive an invitation to apply under the Skills Immigration stream.

Invitations are issued based on the BC PNP’s annual nomination allocation and processing capacity. However, registration does not guarantee an invitation to apply.

Stage 3: Application

Submit your Skills Immigration application through the BCPNP Online platform.

After receiving an invitation, Skilled Worker, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled, and International Graduate candidates can apply online. Healthcare Professional and International Post-Graduate applicants do not need an invitation and are eligible to apply directly through the BCPNP Online platform.

Stage 4: Nomination

Receive a provincial nomination and apply for permanent residency through IRCC.


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09 July 2020


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